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Adding a contact couldn't be easier. After you have downloaded, installed, and verified your phone number, simply click on the "Add Contact" icon in the top left hand corner of the app.

From there, you can either enter the name and phone number of the person you'd like to text with, or you can choose to import a contact from your phone's address book.

After starting the app, click on the "Add Contact" icon in the top left hand corner. From here, click the "Import from address book" button. Your phone may prompt you to allow access to your list of contacts at this stage.

Once you have allowed access to your contact list, you will be able to select a contact to add to Two Hands Gone.

To message a contact, simply tap their name in your contact list. You will be presented with a text box near the bottom of the screen. Simply type your message into that box and hit the big blue button to send it.

Two Hands Gone takes care of keeping the messages that you send and receive safe. The app will also take care of automatically deleting messages that have been read. If any of the following 3 conditions is satisfied, the message will be permanently deleted:

  1. The message is revealed and you navigate away from the chat page (i.e. back to your contact list)
  2. 45 seconds has passed since the message was revealed
  3. You clicked on the red delete icon attached to each individual message

The contact that you added will be added to your contact list in the same way any contact normally would be.

The person that you have added will receive an SMS message notifying them that you have sent them an encrypted message using Two Hands Gone. The SMS will also contain a link to the downloads page of this website, from where your contact can download the appropriate version of the app for their device.

Assuming the person that you added goes on to register an account and verify their phone number, they will have you added to their contact list automatically, and will be able to begin a conversation with you.

If you received this SMS, then you have been invited by somebody you know to join Two Hands Gone.

Simply head over to the downloads page, install the appropriate version of the app (iOS or Android) and follow the setup instructions to register your account.

Once your account is active, the person that invited you to join the app will appear in your contact list, and will be available for you to begin a conversation with.

End-to-end encryption is something we have put in place to ensure that only you and the recipient of any messages that you send are able to read your message. That means that even we can't read the messages that you send, and nor can anybody apart from your intended recipient.

It is becoming an industry-standard approach for messaging solutions as people like yourself seek to communicate privately, with no risk of others snooping in on your conversations.